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Then you will enter the password for the root account, giving you a shell prompt where you can run any command as root.My preferred method is to add them to the sudo group (admin before Ubuntu 10.04). In Ubuntu Linux, the sudo group can run sudo and it is easy to add someone to that.Add user to sudoers list. sudoers - list of which users may execute what.

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A recent discussion on the MacEnterprise list focused around how to give members of Active Directory groups the ability to run commands as root using the.

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If you have ever used used Ubuntu, you know that the root account is disabled.

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Once you are logged in as root, the system is open to vulnerabilities.Is it possible to add users to the sudoers file through a shell script.

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Either way, the steps stated here will work on any other Linux distro.

I have realized that not every distro allows this easy transaction, and that you may have to manually add your username to the sudoers file.Well, we just snatched the VIP list from the sleeping guard and will show you how to put your name on it.As I said before, the sudoers file will differ depending on the system your using.Reason, if you are root, all the doors in your system are open to everything, which leaves your system vulnerable.

Beleive it or not, this is a fairly common question and in all reality the answer is quite simple.The first thing I do when I install a new Linux is to use visudo to edit the sudoers file.

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If you are using sudo you most certainly know that the default setup will require the user running sudo to enter.In some distros, the maintenance user account is already setup in that special file.

To write out and exit the sudoers file with nano, type control-X.The message about not being in the sudoers file means that a user who is not a member of the administrator group tried to run a shell command with root privileges.

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This may be of help, from sudo(1):-l The -l (list) option will list out the allowed (and forbidden) commands for the user on the current host.Almost all lines are commented out, the one that matters in this sudoers file example is.

This line means: The root user can execute from ALL terminals, acting as ALL (any) users, and run ALL (any) command.Install and configure sudo Sudo (Super User Do) is a very useful program that allows a system administrator to give certain users the ability to run some (or all.

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And you should not edit it directly, you need to use the visudo command.And I always give my account root rights, then I can run commands as root without switching users.Linux then checks a special file and sees if you are allowed to be granted root privileges, similar to a VIP CLUB.Advanced users may need to add a user account to the sudoers file, which allows that user to run certain commands with root privileges.

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The above command, makes the user operator can from any terminal, run the command power off.

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When you want to run a command that requires root rights, Linux checks your username against the sudoers file.Fedora users should use a regular user account for regular day to day activities and a root account only for system administration.In order to use sudo you first need to configure the sudoers file.

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The sudoers file is a file Linux and Unix administrators use to allocate system rights to system users.If the invoking user is already root, the -V option will print out a list of the.As you can see the alias OPERATORS includes the users joe, mike and jude, the alias OP includes the users root and operator, alias OFNET includes the network (all the C class), and the command alias PRINTING includes the commands lpc and lprm.

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Now you can still gain root privileges, you would have to login as root to gain it.

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To enable sudo access for a user account, do the following. sudo /usr/sbin/visudo or when using GNOME EDITOR=gedit gnomesu visudo.I have been trying to install Openstack on centos using devstack.It would be a great help if someone help me to add my user in sudoers list.Sudo is a program designed to allow a sysadmin to give limited root privileges to users and log root activity.Too many times asked this week so I have decided to write-up this simple how-to to my notes.This is because the root password is not set in Ubuntu, you can assign one and use it as with every other Linux distribution.

It is highly recommended that GUI interfaces not be run as root. Thanks to sudo, you can run some or every command as root.Once you enter visudo command, you will see something like this.Creating new user account on ubuntu and automatically assign sudo privileges using command line.