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YOUR RESULTS HOW VIDEO GETS TO YOU A FASTER WEB Results from your location are not yet available.Hopefully this helps others in their own quest for ISP bliss. No phone, cable, etc other than internet with Shaw.All I can do is gloss things over and mitigate a bit of frustration.For many people there are no alternatives, but definitely I agree you should look into it before claiming that.You may be using a browser that will end this chat session if you leave this screen.

Check your speed and learn how to get the most from your provider.Try WaveDirect absolutely FREE for 30 days to compare with your current service.

So I told them I was going to pay the bill and never give them my business ever again.The CRTC does not intervene in rates, quality of service or business practices for Internet service providers.He tried to convince me that there was another way of looking at it, which for fairness to Shaw, I also analyzed.Fuck shaw in the neck with a torx screwdriver, introduce some real industry into these never done a real days work lives.Currently getting 25 mbps with Shaw (which is honestly enough for me).

In the seemingly rare case when they do provide exactly what you pay for you are still paying too much for so little.

Rogers has to compete with e-Novations ComNet Inc. e-Novations has a fiber network catering to business and a subsidiary called GoFred which is free municipal wi-fi blanketing a ton of the town.They just gave all their customers a free 50ish percent speed increase. 80 Mbps to 120 and 50Mbps to 80. - Android Apps on Google Play

I live in the middle of Edmonton and my only option for Internet is Shaw. – Is Shaw Down Right Now?

There is a reason that the East coast has the fastest and cheapest internet in Canada.

Having problems with website today, check whether Shaw server is up or down right now for everyone or just for you. by Ookla - Test velocità ADSL - Il test di

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Available cable packages and pricing provided.When we tested them on a trial, speeds were nowhere near what they claimed.

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I moved to Taiwan recently and I am on one of thier lower internet plans which is.

My city is embarking on a study (closed tender details here) to study urban fiber optic internet, and determine the best way to ensure both quality service and fair pricing for our Citizens.

Check your upload and download speeds with shaw speedtest. it lets you know how your computer is performing and lets us know how to.

You have to realise that the shaw speed test is on the shaw network and the speakeasy is not.Really appreciate everyone keeping a cool head about things too.As I run speedtest, the speed I got was actually what they advertised.Those poor monopolies have to make increasing profits somehow, thus no lubricants.They do this by giving an inadequate service to what they promised.After this change they are 200% the cost of Telus for the same speed.I have switched to telus and have sent in a shareholder comment as I hold over 1000 shares of shaw.

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But it normally takes a lot of frustration to get them to even hear anything.