My router won t connect to the internet

I started with a similar model without wireless, also last year, and when I moved to triple play, comcast changed to wireless modems and the X1 cable boxes.Did you try resetting the modem through your comcast account.

If anyone has found a way to access and control the modem, please post your findings.

Lease Obtained.: Saturday, November 14, 2009 4:47:54 PM.Other issue, leave out network name and password to connect to.Wait for the router to complete boot (usually about 10 seconds or so).I have sucessfully configured this router under DSL (and cable).Everything was working until my mom did something stupid and reseted the dlink router.His room is the farthest from the router which is in my brothers room.

This forum is a significant help for myself and others avoiding the uneducated corporate tech support lines.I am having trouble connecting my girlfriends laptop to the internet using her Windows 7 laptop via a Dlink router with Virgin Media.

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Hi all. I got a linksys cable modem which I am on now and a Dlink WBR-210 Router.

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My motel and router are working and I have reset both and my computer many times and.

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I was told customer has no choice in modem, since all issued have wireless capabilities.

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I have always had to follow this procedure after a power outage.

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Also try by turn off the comcast modem for at least 30min and power up the modem only Wait for all the light comes on.Then try power on the router without spoofing setting (keep default) See hoes that goes.

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They claimed that they still had to send me theirs and to this day it sits in the closet in an unopened box.Log in to it via with admin as username and password as password.Want to connect to the internet via the router so i can get wireless internet on my laptop. Modem - D.Yeah hey, My WNDR3400 router wont connect to the internet at all.I decided to switch from my old Netgear Rangemax (WPN824 v2) to a Cisco Linksys E1000 to make connecting to friends on Xbox Live easier.

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I must not have saved the change to channel 11 as it had reverted back to AUTO.

I have the Arris TM722g modem here, and Comcast changes my WAN address whenever they want to (surprisingly frequently).