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Once it is working, the offline recognition of other languages.

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I want to create an app which do offline speech recognition FOR my language (vietnamese).All operations are fully synchronized with your Google Voice account.Has anyone seen any implementations of how to do simple voice commands with this offline speech rec.

Stack Overflow is a community of 7.4 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.With the latest update to the Voice Search app, Google has quietly. the need for an Internet connection,. apps use offline voice recognition, privacy buffs.I can now dictates instructions to the shell of Terminal Emulator.With an OBi device and your existing broadband Internet connection,.Do you have access to my computer remotely or does my google voice search go through a neverware server.

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I go to google voice and it says no internet connection why:.

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Google Android: How to fix Speech to. (specifically voice. the phone should pop up a message that either explains that no Internet is.You need to know how that speed and quality of connection can affect the way your voice.It worked for me (android 4.1.2), then language recognition worked out of the box, without rebooting.How to Use Google Maps Without an Internet Connection. Focus Google Maps on the area you need to see while away from Internet.It looks as though Google has made offline speech recognition available from Google Now for third-party apps.

I was impressed about your fast response but at the same time I was curious about how you fixed it for me.

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This could be a touch feature to support as our user-base grows.Also, Google have restricted certain Jelly Bean devices from using the offline recognition due to hardware constraints.I was blown away by how quickly my question was responded to.Google Voice is a phone service that gives you a number to call all.Which devices this applies to is not documented, in fact, nothing is documented, so configuring the capabilities for the user has proved to be a matter of trial and error (for them).

In this case, I had to enable the Google Speech Recognition API.Infinite area under curve without using derivatives and integrals.

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All that is managed by Neverware is which APIs are on or off.Built in to the OS are both Oauth tokens and Google-generated api keys.It works purely offline, fast and configurable It can listen continuously for keyword, for example.

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EDIT: Temporarily changing the device locale to English UK also seems to kickstart this to work for some.The Google Search update enabled no additional features in Google Now and in fact if you try to use it with no internet connection, it will error.If you intend to start using the SpeechRecognizer class, be warned, there is a pretty major bug associated with it, which require your own implementation to handle.

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Now that you have successfully saved a new off-line map in Google Maps, it will expire in 30 days (no.I use the following code to invoke the voice recognizer by google:.Make sure the default Android Voice Recogniser is set to Google not.