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Facebook now has more users in India than in the United States of America: Report.Finally, make sure you use a good firewall, antivirus and privacy suite to be safe.Wifi router reviews help you to choose best wireless router for your needs by providing comprehensive reviews of various models of Top Wifi Router brands.

Kolkata based Srei looking to acquire quantum communication technology from Russia.This is highly vulnerable if left untouched, as anyone can wirelessly connect to your router without a password.Opt for an alphanumeric password and try not using simple or dictionary words that can make it easy for anyone to guess, or for a password cracking utility to break through.Asus ROG Strix GL553VE laptop review: A well-designed powerhouse.Using the wireless MAC filter is one of the best security feature possible for.The Best Wireless Routers - Get Better Wifi Signal at your Home.We have found, tested and reviewed the top wireless routers from various brands and for various budgets as well.

If you disable the broadcast, you will need to manually add your wireless network every time you set up a new device to connect to your router.

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Wireless routers lie at the heart of your beloved Wi-Fi network.

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This feature will only beam out your wireless signals in your area of required coverage and not further.Most users step out and buy a wireless router off the shelf and install it on their own.Award-winning products designed to meet every type of home networking need.

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This list contains top 10 wireless routers with pros and cons.

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This feature will hide your wireless network from anyone who is scanning for an available wireless network in your area.

In this way, your network is seen outside your area and there is a loss of power because the radio waves are not being used efficiently.This is a feature used by most wireless devices to securely connect to a wireless router without entering any passwords.Acer TravelMate P449 review: A sensible, understated design marred by a poor display unit.

Do note that though routers from various manufacturers have different interfaces, the settings should be similar.

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Maintain the habit of frequently changing passwords, SSID names and the IP address range of the router.