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Sprint requires that you pay a monthly fee to use your Samsung Galaxy S4 as a WiFi hotspot.This is the rectangular button located on the lower-middle part of the front of your Samsung Galaxy S4.The steps below are applicable to Android 5.0: Note: Before proceeding with the following steps, make.

After I tap Mobile Networks, I go to a screen which has 6 choices.The steps below will take you right through the entire process of setting up and configuring a WiFi Mobile Hotspot on your Galaxy S4.

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How can I turn my Galaxy Note 3 into a Wi-Fi hotspot to resolve.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - How to lock or unlock your smartphone.Luckily, setting up your Galaxy S6 as a mobile hotspot to share its data and make it available to other devices is very easy to do.When data is turned on, head back to Settings by tapping the white arrow in the upper left corner.

Follow the steps below to enable and configure a WiFi Mobile Hotspot on your Samsung S4.Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 157,246 times.You can buy a WiFi dongle that allows your computer to connect to a WiFi network, though.Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot settings cannot be changed when Wi-Fi sharing is turned on.Stop by and say hello to Maria, University of Connecticut graduate, WAHM of three beautiful children.

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How to set up your Samsung Galaxy S5 as a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot (Android KitKat with TouchWiz tutorial).Samsung Galaxy 3 I5800 Android Smart phone has a great look and a simple design.

You can also hide your hotspot from other devices within range.

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A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique identity code assigned to laptops, tablets, and other WiFi connected devices.Was just looking to see if I could use my blackberry with Galaxy 4.The simple guide below will show you how to allow access only to approved MAC addresses.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - How to turn off data connection to the Internet.A lot of features pinned inside Samsung Galaxy SIII will allow you to do many things, either directly through the phone or by connecting it to another device such as.Not all cell phone carriers allow their users to use mobile hotspots.Your phone is now ready to share its internet connection via WiFi.

If you have set a password for the hotspot, enter it when prompted.Using a free tethering application is against the Terms of Service you signed for in your contract and will result in termination of your service and possible fees.

Use a password to prevent unauthorized access that may result in additional data charges.One of the many good things of having a Samsung smartphone like the Galaxy S4 is a.Turn your Samsung Galaxy S4 into a wifi hotspot to share internet with your laptop wirelessly Marshmallow vs Lollipop vs Connect to a Mobile Hotspot with a Windows Laptop. and 1 more Edited by Mark Joel Cristobal, Leomar Umpad, Eng, Melsan and 17 others.The data you use while tethering will count against your data plan.Today, our goal is knowing the wifi hotspot setting on this Samsung Android smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Android Smart phone has a great look and design.

Tethering and Hotspot Setup for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Hotspot: 1.How-To Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - How to set up your smartphone as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.After changing from Samsung Galaxy 4 to Oppo R9 I needed a quick access to my mobile hot-spot to access the net.How do I connect my Laptop to the internet through my Samsung Galaxy S4.If you have an Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime or Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime you never have to worry about finding a HotSpot again.Optimize your IT infrastructure with the right blend of in-house, hosted and cloud-based technology.

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Apply Inner and Outer Glow to an Object in Adobe Illustrator CS6.If you wish to use a custom password, continue to the next step.Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - How to add or delete an email account to your smartphone.

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Can access internet through blackberry but wanted to connect video chatting with grandson.If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please post in the comments section below.

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It has a screen of size 4.0 inches with resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - How to back up your smartphone or synchronize your contacts and calendar.