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The UUID of an identity certificate payload that will be used to perform client authentication with other devices.If true, the Per-App VPN connection starts automatically when apps linked to this Per-App VPN service initiate network communication.When false, this prevents the device from automatically submitting diagnostic reports to Apple.Some certificate authorities, such as Windows CA, support only encryption or signing, but not both at the same time.About the Auto Join and Per-Connection Password Wi-Fi profile settings. you can set an iPhone,.Google accounts must be installed via MDM or by Apple Configurator 2 (if the device is supervised).Array of Captive Networking apps whose traffic will be allowed outside the VPN tunnel to perform Captive network handling.

The matching criteria can include any of the following: DNS domain or DNS server settings (with wildcard matching) SSID Interface type reachable server detection Dictionaries are checked sequentially, beginning with the first dictionary in the array.The default NAT Keepalive works well on networks with small NAT mapping timeouts but imposes a potential battery impact.A profile can be encrypted so that it can only be decrypted using a private key previously installed on a device.If not present in the payload, and the account is set up to require authentication for outgoing email, the device prompts for this string during profile installation.

Add your, Office 365, or Exchange-based email account to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch using Outlook for iOS.In addition to the settings common to all payloads, this payload defines this key.Note: This array is used only for dictionaries in which EvaluateConnection is the Action value.Setting this key to on will not enable disc burn support if it has already been disabled by other mechanisms or preferences.Download Findr - Social profiles tracker for messenger and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.It is still allowed for other functions, such as signing emails and web access.If this field missing, this login matches all app identifiers.

When false, the App Store is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen.In addition to the settings common to all payloads, this payload defines the following keys: Key Type Value Requirement String The policy requirement.AirPlay Payload The AirPlay payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType value.An email address (RFC822) or other name for which a preferred certificate is requested.

LDAPSearchSettingScopeSubtree: The node plus all children, regardless of depth.MailNumberOfPastDaysToSync Integer The number of days since synchronization.Each entry in the NotificationSettings field contains the following dictionary: Key Type Value.Single Sign-On Account Payload The Single Sign-On Account payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType.Before you get started working with configuration profiles, you should create a skeleton profile.The permitted list is the intersection of all permitted lists—that is, only URLs that appear in every permitted list are accessible when they would otherwise be blocked by the automatic filter.

The IKESecurityAssociationParameters and ChildSecurityAssociationParameters dictionaries may contain the following keys.For more information, read Over-the-Air Profile Delivery and Configuration.Configuration profiles are written in property list format, with Data values stored in Base64 encoding. The.plist format can be read and written by any XML library.The Parental Control Game Center payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType value.PromptForVPNPIN Boolean Tells whether to prompt for a PIN when connecting.Availability: Available in iOS 5.0 and later and in all versions of macOS.The DeviceGroups key must contain an array of dictionaries with the following key-value pairs.

The path to the destination file or directory on the target system.This identifier is used to configure apps so that they use the Per-App VPN service for all of their network communication.System Policy Control Payload The System Policy Control payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType.If not set, the IKEv2 connection would be redirected if a redirect request is received from the server.In addition to the settings common to all payloads, this payload defines the following keys: Key Type Value.

The profile configuration keys for media management are of two kinds: those that restrict disc burning and those that restrict media mounting and ejection.Download LinkedIn and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Each entry contains a URL that is accessible whether the automatic filter allows access or not.In addition to the settings common to all payloads, this payload defines the following keys: Key Type Value FullName String The full name of the designated accounts.ActionParameters Array of dictionaries A dictionary that provides rules similar to the OnDemandRules dictionary, but evaluated on each connection instead of when the network changes.If not provided, the user is prompted for one during profile installation.

Each entry in the URLPrefixMatches array must contain a URL prefix.Availability: Available in iOS 9.3 and later and macOS 10.12 and later.