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It was a java issue, using 7u51 you have to add the address of your sslvpn fw to the list in java for mac in the security tab.Citrix access denied through Safari I have previously been able to access my Citrix work server from home using Safari.I am checking out as an anonymous user using Payflow as the payment gateway using Live transactions.

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When any user logs in using IE, FireFox or Chrome, they get and authentication error - access denied.

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Hi, A couple of things here: 1- You dont have to disable CSD globally.

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Cross Domain Ajax Request with JSON response for IE,Firefox,Chrome,.I worked with TAC and basically the work around for us was to update to the latest code 1st.

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We are able to log in to OWA successfully using Safari and Firefox however, when attempting to reply or forward, we receive an Access is denied error (see.

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This error occurs due internet access is denied or disconnected.

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I have a specific DAP for my configuration looking for Antivirus and Mac OS X no specific version.

Here the error: Access Denied Your system failed to be validated by the Cisco Secure Desktop and will not be granted access.Please verify your browser settings and configuration and retry.

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I am having the same issue on Mac OSX 10.8.4. If i install the client (3.1.04059) I can connect fine.

We are matching the group policy, I can connect from the Mac using the AnyConnect client so the DAP is working correctly now.We are clueless about why my client is encountering a Java Security exception in Safari.

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I seem to be getting this access denied when trying to access a couple of websites. the first.

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Cisco Secure Desktop must run and validate your system to proceed.Access Denied. on any access to apple site tab, both safari and.When trying to login to Office 365 using Safari on Mac I get: 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.