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I am trying to follow your detailed instructions from the other thread on resetting the cable modem.This test will not solve the problem, but it will confirm that the router sees the same DNS servers as the modem.Cannot access router functions from outside, modem blocking it.

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For whatever the reason I cannot figure out why I have no internet access with.To allow the router to now connect you must reset Motorola SURFboard SB6121 from your computer, disconnect the Ethernet cable, wait for the modem to restart and then plug the Ethernet cable from the modem into the WAN port on your router.

If you have two accounts, you can have them merged. if not, well this is a little strange.When I switch from using the modem for connection back to trying the router, I get a network error window stating.

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A FlashRouter set-up for PIA provides an out-of-the-box solution for anonymizing.Connect your computer to the router, and the router to the modem.I did try disconnecting the modem for an extended time, and then connecting exclusively to the router, to no avail.Browse other questions tagged networking wireless-networking router internet modem or ask your own question.

Will I have a unique WAN IP address that I can access via the internet using.DaniWeb IT Discussion Community Forums Join Log In Read Respond Contribute.If you do not know, consult the documentation for the default username and password, or perform a reset of the device to get the router back to the default settings so you can log in with the user name and password listed in the documentation.

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How to Share a USB drive from. 23 Responses to How to Share a USB drive from Your Wi-Fi Router. I have mentioned Asus N66U router and I want connect WD.

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Asus RT-AC68U Dual-band Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router - CNET Mobile. CNET Mobile.TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND Ultimate Wireless N Gigabit Router...

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If pinging a known IP address like your external network connection is completely dead.I always disable remote admin access to my routers including my current ASUS RT-N66R.The goal is to make sure the MAC address is reset on the modem.

This is the current address you will use when accessing your router from the Internet.

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Asus offers mobile apps for Android and iOS that let you access both the router and an attached drive from any Internet.

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How setup and access your Asus RT-N56U FTP device Hello everyone, Just to make it clear, I read you comments. ASUS router quick how-to:.The OP is probably long gone and has solved the problem by now, or at least bought a new router. -1 pooooooooopy -2 4 Years Ago Wow u people r still talking about this for 6 years get a new source.

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Boot the router, locate the factory reset switch (usually sunken, so a paper clip or similar will be needed to press it) and depress for at least 10 seconds and then reboot.

This question has been asked before and already has an answer.Though the wireless network activates and is strong, and appears to connect to the Internet, webpages will not load.A default setting in Asus Routers allows an attacker to remotely access data archived on a USB media storage connected to the devices.So i went to go see my router settings at, but showed me a connect connect to site page ( ).

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Usually the password is documented in the manual, so I suggest checking there first.

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Essentially what happened was I was having difficulty installing Ubuntu onto.