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Best Answer: Yeah, when you use Straight Talk you will have to configure the apn settings.Your wife will not get picture messaging on her iPhone with Straight Talk unless you jailbreak it.Just plugged into my Nexus 4 on ST with ATT, and it seems to be working.Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Internet and MMS APN Settings for Straight Talk United States.

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Android APN APN Settings Straight Talk Straight Talk APN Straight Talk APN Settings StraightTalk.As soon as it starts sending leave your text message screen, set your phone down and wait for it to come down.This will fix the MMS issues and other topic related to slow and no network connectio.Do you know of any solutions for a verizon phone. i have the samsung Galaxy Proclaim. there is no option for even viewing the APN. only VPN. My mms and Data stopped working 2 weeks after i got the phone.Fortunately you can activate a Samsung Galaxy S4 on Straight Talk.I have my sims card in it and am able to make calls but cant send pics or receive them nor can I get on the internet.

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I had entered in another APN setting for MMS picture messaging and everything was working good for a few days.I spent many many hours trying to set up my new straight talk Xperia Tipo and this really helped me to get it working.I can make and recieve calls, but im not sure on the accurate apn settigs to make the internet work.

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How to set up Straight talk APN settings Exactly my New Video after that video I guarantee you will know.

Straight Talk will not allow me to complete cdma registration at all saying service is not available in my area.Then, I was having issues with my data connection so I changed my other APN setting with one I found online.Correct MMS APN settings for Nokia Lumia 520 on the StraightTalk network. (Straight Talk).If you have signed up for the BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) program in Straight Talk and are trying to setup the internet and MMS settings on your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S just follow the easy steps we provide you on this article.I had this setting and all of a sudden out of no where it just stopped working. can someone please help me.Detail configuration for your straighttalk apn settings: APN tfdata, username: Leave in Black, Password: Leave in Blank, MMSC How To.See here the APN settings for Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S4.I did purchase a used Samsung Galaxy 3s for my husband and myself.

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Hello, I have a samsug focus 2, it runs on windows 7.8, and straight talk is my carrier.Because I am having no luck with these setting nor will they let me save them.If you use Straight Talk BYOP sim and internet or mms stopped.I have a IPhone 4s unlocked.Purchased a Straight talk plan had to purchase a mico sim card Phone works, Wi-Fi works but cannot access internet with out Wi-Fi.I was on the phone with ST for 2 hours, and they ultimately decided to send me a replacement.I just thought I disliked Verizon, until I attempted to get assistance from Straight Talk.Just curious because i jave mine alll set up in one and where i do get pic messages i can mpt get animated mms messages or rather i do get them but there just a still pic so they dont play.Sorry to sound dumb but when entering these two different settings does that mean having to go into APN settings constantly to switch between for internet and mms needs.

For some reason the att.mvno APN was not working for me, but after switching that out for wap.tracfone in both APNs, my phone works great.Just make sure you have the second APN (MMS) setting in your phone as well.PLEASE HELP ME, i havent used my phone since Monday 24 th of February.I have to use the sim card trick to get the network setting to come up.Could not get the settings to work on my factory unlocked iphone5.STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT VPN IT'S NOT MAGIC, BUT IT IS THE ANSWER JULY 2002 WatchGuard Technologies 505 Fifth Avenue South...

I just spent two days trying to figure out the APN settings for my Galaxy s3 running 4.1.1 with Straight Talk before stumbling upon this post.Straight Talk UMX Hotspot Service Review. For those that need to VPN to work, the Straight Talk.Works on ANY iOS 7 version If you have a new straight talk sim card then these new apn settings will work for you.Next, if that is all correct, I can only recommend factory resetting the phone and starting over.All I know is that I will never try to go over 2.5GB. If I get the call at 2.1GB, then I will really cut back and never go over again.

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Did you have to put in the att unlock code for yours to work.

I do know that whenever Apple releases a new update, it locks out your jailbreak and then you have to re-do the process.Here is post on how to do it and along with the apn settings.Many people have talked about Straight talk apn settings for 4g lte picture youtube.

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Do go over my settings on this post with a fine tooth pick to make sure you have all the settings entered correctly, and on the right line.I have a s3 on straight talk my internet is workin amd test messages.I have a ST Samsung Galaxy S2 S595G that is rooted with CM 10.1. it now says it is a SGH-I777. i can still make calls but at this time it says that there is no internet connection. have been reading the posts and nothing seems to work. do i need to delete all the other APN settings as their are many and just leave the 2 in this post. please help.

I have an unlocked verizon galaxy s4 running on straight talk. my Internet cuts out constantly and I usually cannot send or receive texts.Have you tried deleting your APN and re-entering brand new all over again.THANK YOU SO MUCH, this is the FIRST ONE to give me anything.I can recieve mms but cant send any. what am I doin wrong please help im gettin frustrated.

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