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In contrast to the situation in Europe, receiver licensing in Canada never had much to do with the funding of broadcasts.The BBC used to receive a direct government grant from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to fund television and radio services broadcast to other countries, such as the BBC World Service radio and BBC Arabic Television.

Cyprus used to have an indirect but obligatory tax for CyBC, its state-run public broadcasting service.The licence fee in Ghana is used to fund the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).From Thursday September 1st 2016 you will need a TV Licence if you want to watch BBC iPlayer. Buy now. Subscribe.

Germany currently has one of the largest total public broadcast budgets in the world.

One fee is collected per household regardless of number of TV sets, in the home or in alternate locations owned by the household such as summer houses.However, there is no such requirement for the newer digital channels.RTHK planned to have four digital television channels, with one being a high-definition channel, after its move to the new Tseung Kwan O headquarters in 2015.

Households with no televisions but with a radio or an internet-capable device were subject to a reduced radio-only fee.

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Above-the-line activities (advertising campaigns in print media, radio and TV).I have one of the fastest available connections available in the UK. will need to buy a TV licence.

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In accordance with the Austria RGG (TV and Radio Licence Law) all broadcasting reception equipment in use or operational at a given location must be registered.

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As the Federal Communications Commission has exclusive jurisdiction over broadcast stations, whether a local authority can legally impose a fee merely to watch an over-the-air broadcast station is questionable.Basically, the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) is paid for directly through each household TV licence.In June 2013, ERT was closed down to save money for the Greek government.License and that failure to buy a TV License will. TAGS: tv licence capita bbc licensing goons.Advocates argue that one of the main advantages of television fully funded by a licence fee is that programming can be enjoyed without interruptions for advertisements.The fee cannot be avoided however, as it continues to be part of the electricity bill.

You can buy or renew your TV licence online on the TV Licensing website.The TV licence fee must be paid by people whose surname begins with a letter between A and J between April 1 and May 31 inclusive, and for those with surnames beginning K to Z, it must paid between October 1 and November 30 inclusive.National public broadcasters in some countries also carry supplemental advertising.In 2013, Finland replaced the television licence with a direct unconditional income broadcasting tax ( Finnish: yleisradiovero, Swedish: rundradioskatt ), which is 50-140 euros depending on income.However, since the merger between the public radio and television enterprises in Portugal, a fraction of the radio licence fee has served to fund the commercial advertising-free channel RTP2.

After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, National Iranian Radio and Television was renamed Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, and it became the state broadcaster.Until it was discontinued in 2000, television licence in Malaysia was paid on annual basis of MYR 24 (MYR 2 per month), one of the lowest fees for television service in the world.Annual income from licence fees is approximately 7.6 billion euros, with an additional 500 million euros in revenue from commercials.Today, almost all television channels in Vietnam carry advertisements, although these networks are state-owned and the media is heavily censored.

Although the state-owner national radio stations removed all its advertising in 1986, its public nationwide TV channels continued broadcasting commercial breaks until 2009.Prior to 2013, only households and businesses with at least one television were required to pay.

The licence fee is used almost entirely to fund BBC domestic radio, television and internet services.You need a TV Licence to use any television receiving equipment such as a TV set, set-top boxes, video or DVD recorders, or computers that are set up to watch or record TV programmes as they are being shown on TV.The licence is sometimes also required to own a radio or receive radio broadcasts.

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Also, TVR will shift to DVB-T2, and with many sets sold only with DVB-T, TVR will become unavailable to some users without a digital terrestrial receiver.

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However the licence is free to anyone over the age of 70 (regardless of means or circumstances), to some over 66, and to the blind (although these licences are in fact paid for by the state).Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2007) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message ).However, MRT still has not found an effective mechanism for collection of the broadcast tax, so it has suffered a severe underfunding in the recent years.UK law requiring viewers to buy a licence fee in order to watch.Around 90% of households have reported that they have a television set and thereby need to pay the fee.IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory.

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