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Dominique asked him how he felt on the first day, and Ramses said it was so hot outside when they were in those pods, but he was very happy to get a Friendship Bracelet from Paul.

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She also said she did not get any pain pills because they make her sick.Well, on the advice of counsel I have to maintain all information about that relationship private.Get the official Big Brother Live Feed at Big Brother 15 is delivered by SuperPass and you get 3 days free with subscription.

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It is important to note that Dominique has been trying to book Cody for an appearance for days now, having to ask Jessica to ask him, but the answer was always No.

As colleague Aly Semigran already meditated on with far more eloquence and focus than I could ever summon, Big Brother has been, like, pretty boring these past few.Big Brother kills live feeds. distinguished Big Brother from other reality TV shows. big bucks to get people to watch live feeds or have heaps.

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Dominique decides to dispel the tension with a question from the audience, but maybe she should have called on a different audience member than Josh.

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When asked what his first impression was, coming in the BB house, Cody said he saw Jessica and wanted to stay away from her the entire summer.He brought six suits into the house, and who knows how many shirt and tie combinations he can show us this summer.Dominique considers herself a journalist, but implies that whether that will work out for her or not is up to God.The crowd went wild over that, and Dominique indicated she plans to use this phrase herself, too.

Dominique, and they immediately get into the topic of his age.Alex: I like really tall have to be this tall (holding hand up to signify height) to ride this ride.

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Dominique wanted some game info, so Alex discussed her situation with Megan.

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Dominique tried to reel it all back in by asking why Cody lied about his age when he came in the house.Alex went outside to start talking to Megan about it, but realized she was getting too angry, so she came back inside to cool off a little.

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But suddenly, earlier today Cody changed his mind, causing concern and building interest in the show.

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Alex said that Matt helped her calculate it all, and thinks she eats 5,000 to 6,000 calories daily.He did create a slop dish that was inspired by Chicken Parm that he is happy to prepare for others who need it this summer.

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Her last question for Cody was if he felt he owed anyone any apologies.

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