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What are the list of some countries where Facebook is officially banned and what are.Currently, Facebook needs to ban all the Facebook Fake Celebrity Account in order to create free actualization of their aim 2017.

However, unlike the North Korea or any other country, the ban lasted for an entire week while the images were removed.Google does not include Eritrea on its list of countries in its.A limited number of graduate students and professors at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology do have access to the internet (from a specialist lab) but in fear of the outside world many chose not to use it.Since then the Awami-League led government has directed a surveillance campaign at Facebook, and other social networking sites, looking for blasphemous posts.Censorship of Facebook Several countries have interfered with.

But only within a 17-square-mile free-trade zone in Shanghai and only to make foreign investors feel more at home.

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As well as preventing protestors from using the likes of Facebook to foment unrest, many websites registered in Egypt could no longer be accessed by the outside world.Today, we will listing out the complete Countries that Legally BANNED Facebook,.

Added to list of countries subject to a UN Security Council arms embargo.Although a new 3G network is available to foreign visitors, for the majority of the population the internet is off limits.In March 2009, Bangladesh blocked YouTube for four days after someone posted a video of a meeting between army officers and the Prime Minister that revealed unrest in the military.

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Google is a multinational corporation that is specialized in internet-related services and products.Facebook Inc clarified its rules banning. with requests from countries such as India rising.During a week in November 2009, Vietnamese Facebook users reported an inability to access the website following weeks of intermittent access.Countries around the world have a wide ranging view of the digital.

These days it would seem Dr Ramgoolam has his own (real) Facebook account.A list of countries considering BlackBerry bans over security concerns with data routed abroad:.For everyone else the only way to connect to the online world legally is via internet cafes.Some Online Freaks or Facebook freaks in the nation decided to create a fake account and uploading images of their Mauritius Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam and when discovered by the government in 2007 the entire Mauritius Facebook community was plunged into darkness.The Guardian - Back to home. home. Passengers boarding flights to the UK from the countries affected will not be allowed to take any. many smartphones, which.Decree 72, which came into place in September 2013, prohibits users from posting links to news stories or other news related websites on the social media site.

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Which countries block Facebook & which no longer ban Facebook?

Full List Of Countries That Banned Social Media With Funny Reasons.Reports suggested technicians had been ordered by the government to block the social networking site, with a supposedly official decree leaked on the internet (although is authenticity was never confirmed).

Facebook was banned in many countries on the basis of allowed content judged as anti-Islamic and.

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The ban was lifted two weeks later but Pakistan vowed to continue blocking individual pages that seemed to contain blasphemous content, this is according to their doctrine.In Iran, however, political leaders have taken to social media- despite both Facebook and Twitter officially being extraordinarily difficult to access in the country.This morning, on their main blog, Google posted a little reminder to everyone about its view on censorship on the web.Technically, the ban on Facebook was lifted in September 2013.

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