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Google is rolling out a new feature for Android users that will have Google Maps attempting to predict where you want to go next.Quick access to the Extensions Control Panel directly from the toolbar.Why is this still being spread across these blogs and forums.A neat tip for our Chromebook users to go into full size screen mode with.

Google Search is customized for many countries and regions. you can change your region to show you results for the country you want. Note:.

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I have nowhere to go and don't want to go to the homeless shelter.If you want to make Google Chrome default browser in Windows 10.

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As you can notice, even if you type Google.com on your address bar, it will still redirect you to its country-specific page.

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This should stop Google from redirecting you to a country-specific page.Hi I changed my password and suddenly came the question if I want to open my Gmail with my Google account in.

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I have always been a loyal GOOGLE user and I will never go to BING or anything else.

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Create your Google Account Name First name First Last name Last. One free account gets you into everything Google.

For setting Google as my home page in case of Google chrome, you need to open chrome and go the.Browsing to the NCR version still redirects to the localised version very often.If your search location is in the wrong city or region, change your location on Google.

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Why should I open German site, read in German or interested in German at al.

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Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery,.And I am not traveling. mario Was also a bit annoyed, and seems it is not consistent: so the one that seems to work for me now is: (also in the home button settings).So what if you want to skip all the localities and just stick to the original.

Now, keep in mind that one of the main reasons why Google redirects you to its country-specific page is to provide you with the most relevant results for your search queries.

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If one types.com in the browser, it should go to the.com site, no matter where you are on the planet.