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Google Play is your instant source for apps for every age and interest.There is a something called place (which can be marked as current) but that has no impact on Google play.Rebooted phone, accepted terms again for Play and now I can install.Stream your favorite entertainment in up to 4K UHD and HDR. SHOP NOW. Chromecast.

Following these instructions allowed me to install apps limited to my new country without making a purchase.Google Play gives you the ability to download apps and content such as music, books and magazines to your Android device.

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An important thing is change the settings of the Google Play app so that it requires entering the password for confirmation before purchase.Browse other questions tagged google-play-store localization or ask your own question.With the upgrade finished it is now time to set up your details with the app player and connect with.

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Before you start adding license verification to your application, you need to set up your Google Play publishing account, your development environment, and any test.I called Google Play support and they sent me these instructions.

As per this web site, it seems earlier restriction was based on SIM and now it is based on IP address.Can someone tell me how to change the country preference for Google Play.

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So then I went to, Settings, and changed my Home Address, then went to the Address book tab and removed my old address.

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I need to create one or more sub accounts under my primary email account for.How to setup Google Play Music. How to. Depending on the settings set.I ended up using the TOR project browser bundle instead of the proxy you suggested.There are plenty of great apps on the Google Play Store, but before you start downloading, you need to set up your Google account.How to Add Another Google Account to Your Android Device. Google account to your Android phone or tablet is a simple and.

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Once your new Google account is verified, open the Google Play Developer Console to finish the registration.I tried changing the address everywhere and even tried making a purchase with the new card before trying this.Best Answer: The credit card is a major requirement, and one cannot proceed without it. This Site Might Help You.You can keep your old apps, the set of apps on your phone is the union of the apps on all enabled Google accounts.

Otherwise you will end up actually purchasing the app in step 4. (You have to tap the Purchase button.

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What turned out to actually do it in the end, was to make an actual purchase.

Have two asus android tablets and I cant access google play.I contacted Google support on this: they asked me to add a payment method valid in the new country.Follow the instructions below to claim and set up your Google Play Artist page: IMPORTANT: Before proceeding to the first step, at least one of your releases must.

So, it turned out that the address that needs to be changed on Google Wallet is not on the Address Book tab, but under the Settings button in the top right-hand corner.One thing you might try is to uninstall all of the Google Play Store updates.

Free Set Up Your Google Plus Page It's Important! ( Google My Business Page ) mp3.I have many of my friends and acquaintances not know how the Google Play Store should be set up so here you go.I say this so as I observed when moving to UK and back to India.Later though, I actually purchased something through Play using the new card, and after that I could access things in Play that previously could not due to regional restrictions.