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Files database of this site is increasing at the very sharp rate. So. if you are looking for a torrent site which can provide you quality torrents with magnet links as well.Top torrent sites 2016 and also top torrenting sites collection you might be searching, free torrent sites for movies, gaming, mp3 song, new games all most.So, if you are unable to find the torrent site from where you can find clean files for free, then this torrent site is worth a try.

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Everybody knows that torrent is used for the downloading purpose.Features: Lots of the torrent files are from trusted and verified uploaders.Are you looking for eBook Torrents, then you are almost the right place.Before downloading torrent from these top best torrent sites, let us tell you that you will need a third party torrent downloader software to download torrent files.

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It will provide you torrent links as well as magnet links, even without registration at the site.

Note: Previous domains like,,,,, and are down.Here users can filter torrents by category and by status (verified or not).All movies are in good quality and you can download your movies by single click.

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These sites typically contain multiple torrent files and an index of those files.This site is one best directory which hosts tons of tons which even violates policies of some sites.You can also browse torrents from various categories like Audio, Video, Games, Applications, Games etc.

Torrent Hound Torrent download site 1956 India, United States, Pakistan, France, China.You can interact with other users by registering on their community.

Torrent Hound is a very popular torrent site in the whole world with a global rank of 2071.This torrent site has awesome UI as well.

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This site is established many years before, but it gain fame and popularity since last two years.The list of best torrent sites which are available right now and are fast, efficient which have smooth user interface, contains less Ads and Pop-ups.Now, it has 697,864 movie torrents in 25 subcategories in total.Rahul Singhal is a BCA student, a young part time blogger and computer expert from last 3 years.

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Torrents are the best ways to download any files on the internet to download files.This best torrenting sites list have new torrent sites 2017.

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On Home Page of this site you can check out best torrent downloads for movies, TV Shows torrents as well as music torrents.Team of Dreamy Tricks is back with a new post in which we are going to share some of the best torrent sites.Best Torrent sites are used for distributing large files easily. is one of the best torrent websites for movie downloads which we are listing it now in 2017.Here are top 10 torrent websites to download Movies, Music, Games, TV Shows, Software and anything with best torrenting sites.MiniNova Torrent download site 36,720 India, United States, Italy, Netherland, Canada.I have found that is very very good and I have downloaded all 60 episodes of game of thrones and a few movies too from there.Note: ThePirateBay is currently banned in many countries like India, Pakistan.

Rarbg Forum based torrent site 1137 United States, China, India, Netherland, South Korea.Most of the guys want to download malware free files from torrent sites.

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Provide options to check top torrents from various categories like Anime, Software etc.

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On navigation bar of this site, you will find many categories like Movies, Games, Music, Software, Books, YV, Mobile Video, Adult, Anime etc.