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There are hackers trying to access your computer, worms trying to infect you, malicious Trojans.To prevent such malicious activity, you should first change the username and password to your router.You should enable WPA2 on your router and then enter a long and strong passphrase.OpenDNS does this by analyzing the DNS request sent to their servers from your network, and blocking requests to known bad sites.For most people using Windows involved using an administrator account.Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) and Wi-Fi allow you to access the Internet at broadband speeds without the need for a.If you do one thing to secure your Windows system, I highly recommend that you no longer use an administrator account for your every day Windows user.

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It will decrease your Internet access speed since you are now.Once that happens, they can do whatever they want, even install malware in the router.More people and businesses now use the cloud in some form, sometimes without even realizing they are doing so.WEP has been proven insecure and can be cracked in a few minutes using free utilities that can be downloaded from the Internet.By doing so, anyone that connects to your router will use the OpenDNS servers when accessing the Internet from your network.

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Also, be sure to enter the MAC addresses correctly as if you enter the wrong ones, you will not be able to connect the computer to the router to change them back and you will need to reset the router.

How to pick a VPN to keep your internet browsing secure and. because they require secure servers.

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One added benefit of not enabling JavaScript for every site is that ads may not be displayed, which eliminates another potential avenue for malware authors to deliver their malicious application, as well as making your web browsing faster.Here are some of the things you can do to protect your wireless network: 1) Secure your wireless router or access. be remotely administered via the Internet.Since the web browser is what you use to get access to the Internet, it is important to make sure you make the web browser as secure as possible.

When you do disable UPnP, you will need to manually open ports on your router and forward those open ports the IP address of the device on your network.Just how paranoid should you be about the appliances in your connected home.

Someone can still download and install malware on your computer, or any device on your network, that can cause harm.There are many bad things that can happen because of malware, and most, if not all malware, originates from the Internet.Really great post because, Now a days nobody wants to loose their internet connection, so it is a greate help for them. thanks for sharing.

If you need to update your router setting remotely, only set up access for the time you are going to be connected.Unfortunately, UPnP can also be used from the Internet side of your router as well as the local side.

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It is not advised to allow this unless necessary as individual internet addresses can be spoofed and leaves your.

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Be sure to confirm that it is disabled when you first set up your router and periodically thereafter.If you do forget the username or password, then you will need to reset your router back to factory defaults and then secure your router again.

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The next step is to install software that can help protect your computer.Some sites may not display properly until you enable JavaScript.

Connect to your router via your browser, by inputting something called a Gateway IP Address.While you may not need to check for firmware updates on a weekly basis, a monthly basis may be a good idea.However, WPA2 still uses static Pre-Shared Key, which is easy to capture and break.If you use a weak key then even WPA and WPA2 can be easily cracked within a day using a combination of special precomputed tables and dictionary attacks.The longer the key, the better, although the WPA2 key has a minimum and maximum length.Of course, you should read the description for each firmware update to see if you need to do the update.Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas.