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In fact, they often need to do so to be able to solve your computer woes, especially if you frequent sites on the shadier end of the spectrum.In my research I see you can by a program that will do these things but.I try going to the IP address but it does not work. the page does not load.By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

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If he can see what all of the students have been doing on the Internet, can I see.

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How to Clear or Hide. since that is the default number of days IE keeps history.

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This is happening, people want to take away OUR rights from having a free internet.How do they even check how much data i have been using and my history.

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That means if you download 20 gigabytes of data, he will sure be able to measure how much did you download.

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You people pointing and screaming and crying tears of joy whenever a black person says something is not normalising it.

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People want to charge you. Jump. what you can see, read on the internet.

But beyond that, there are myriad ways you could be tracked back to those sites.If he can see what all of the students have been doing on the Internet, can I see it too.Measuring the downloaded amount is something that does not require advanced knowledge to get to work.Browse other questions tagged networking wireless-networking or ask your own question.

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