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I tried it with a few T-Mobile SIM cards, all of then work fine on other Lumia devices (same location, same SIM, different device).

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Why is my Samsung S7 Edge not connecting to the T-mobile

For Android devices: If the issue is specific to images not showing on web pages: Open the web browser on your phone.Make sure that the Load images and Enable JavaScript checkboxes are selected.I just got a N5 today and when I insert my SIM card it reads it but it fails to connect to the network.Fixes for Samsung Galaxy MOBILE NETWORK NOT AVAILABLE or selected.

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The first one is about not being able to connect to a mobile data network,. 4.2.0 have issues connecting to networks.

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Solved: When I try to connect to my wireless network at home it scans and finds the network, asks for a password which it accepts then disconnects.

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I think some more information is needed to properly troubleshoot this.

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Why is my Samsung S7 Edge not connecting to the T-mobile network.

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My Samsung Galaxy S2 keeps saying not registered on network when I try to phone also a no entry.

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Phone not connecting to Mobile Network but mobile internet. stopped connecting to the giffgaff network,.

I have the 500MB data plan and have tried connecting over the cellular network.Network and Internet - Connect to a Network to get the popup to show up.

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If you need help with doing any step, visit the Devices page, select your device, and find the steps.WiFi Will Not Connect To Mobile Device. it back in, Forgetting the network on my cell and. the longest time connecting to the WIfi on my mobile.When you use a high-speed capable device in a 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE area, the device automatically scans for the best.This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.Unidentified Network - Tech Support Guy Forums Unidentified.

I had to do a SIM pull on my phone after the network came back online.

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Open the Play Store, and download the Speedtest.net app. Run a speed test and check the results: 2 Mbps or faster: This speed is optimal for a 4G or 4G LTE location.True happiness comes from within, when you choose not to allow another.It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing.

The procedures in this article show you how to enable or disable Wi-Fi on your Windows Mobile. select This is a hidden network.

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Troubleshoot problems with connecting to the Internet or using data services such as.

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Troubleshoot problems with connecting to the Internet or using data services such as video or music streaming, downloads, and more.

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Phone not connecting to Mobile Network but mobile

It is still not connecting to the 3G mobile network, and if there is any trick to get this to work that would be helpful.

Make sure that the Data Usage Limit setting is not limiting data use.I have a D851 (T-Mobile) which is rooted running a debloated lollipop os of stock.So other than that, it could be a hardware problem with that phone.