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I believe that NetFlix is the source of the issues you are having.

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Watching Netflix on MacBook Pro or iMac Provided that Silverlight has been installed and you have no trouble accessing Netflix, you will notice that the browser version is a bit different to the app for mobile devices or smart televisions.Description Friendly for Netflix is a simple yet powerful app to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your Mac.I am now able to watch my Netflix (Vista) and Hulu (OS X 10.5.8.Most people use their iMac computers to do a lot of things, often at the same time.Others: there are some other much less known internet browsers out there but they will not offer you anything extra that the better known ones would.

There are some things people complain about that you might have to consider if you are thinking of watching Netflix on your computer.

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If you want Netflix, any of the other browsers will do the trick so do not bother with this.It is always a good idea to restart your browser after installation to ensure that the plug-in, Silverlight in this case, is activated.

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Of course, some of the same problems as using an iMac apply here, too.

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Firefox: this is a popular internet browser that can be downloaded for free.If it does not, and the title you have selected starts playing, then that is great news and it means that your iMac or MacBook Pro already has the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight.If you are using a MacBook Pro, however, you will have the benefit of mobility.Even though Microsoft Silverlight is a Microsoft product, you can (and, indeed, will need to) download it for iMac or MacBook Pro computers.

Netflix works fully on all the following browsers: Safari: this is the Apple internet browser that comes as a standard with iMac and MacBook Pro computers.In order for Netflix video to display on any computer (not just Apple ones), your machine needs to have an up-to-date version of a plug-in known as Microsoft Silverlight.

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Your processor must have 512 MB (megabyte) of RAM (random access emory).

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Netflix gives you access to your streaming Netflix account, so you can watch all kinds of TV shows.

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If you would like to use it on your iMac or MacBook Pro, you will need to download it first.

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If you have searched for the Netflix app on iTunes to downloaded on to your MacBook Pro or iMac, you will probably know that it is nowhere to be found.

OS X 10 or a later version Firefox 12 or a later version if you use Firefox as your internet browser.Unlike iPads or iPhones, where you do need the Netflix app, iMacs and even the smallest MacBook Pro are not considered mobile devices.

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